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The Rachel Reid Beauty Brush collection was designed exclusively to provide the necessary high quality luxury makeup tools conveniently bundled into one set. Each brush was strategically developed to help eliminate the guesswork by providing all the utensils needed to achieve that perfect look every time.


Show-cased with premium synthetic and natural hair bristles, comfort grip sleek wooden handles, followed up with a sleek aluminum tube that is wear resistant and durable. From the occassional makeup wearers  to the a everyday  glam babes, this is an excellent choice for beginners and makeup lovers at every skill level, you can rest assure a flawless application each time and BRUSH LIKE A Pro!


A great set for the woman on-the-go with its leather travel case to store and keep those brushes safe. Throw it in you luggage while traveling, keep it in your purse or car for on-the-go touch ups, and great for gifting to any makeup lover.







Brush Care:

1. To maintain great maintenence after use, use a claen tissue or towel to clean off any excess makeup.

2. Once a week, soak your brushes in diluted soapy water, use your finger and hands to run along the hairs of the brush until all makeup is removed from the surfaces. Rinse with cool water, and blot the water with a clean towel and mold the brush hairs to its natural shape while wet to ensure they are in tact once dry ( you can use your brush guards to reapply over your larger brushes to keep their shape.

3. To naturally dry your brushes after washing, lay flat on a clelan towel. DO NOT stand brushes up in a holder, this method prolongs the drying process and can leave the brush hairs expanded, which alters the hairs shape. DO NOT clean brushes in a dishwasher nor washing machine, DO NOT use a  blow drier or put in the sun, this can damage the brush hairs and handles. 

RR Beauty Brush Set

SKU: 126351351935
$36.99 Regular Price
$29.59Sale Price
  • Brush Set Includes:

    1x Powder Brush
    1x Foundation Brush
    1x Highlight Brush
    1x Blending Brush
    1x Shader Brush
    1x Eyeshadow Brush
    1x Petite Blending Brush
    1x Concealer Brush
    1x Smudging Brush
    1x Sculpting Brush
    1x Eyebrow  Brush

    1x Leather Travel Case

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